Born in 1981 in Pertuis
Lives and works in France and in Australia.
In 1995 made her first experiences with the paternal Leica.
In 1999 enter the school of art of Grenoble where from she will go out awarded of a diploma in June, 2004.
During these years she learns to master various media among which the photography and the video.
Her work articulates then around themes of the everyday life and the relations between internal / outside, private / public, memory / history, through a photographic writing which leans on the reality.
The material and the color have a dominating place in her images.
She travels, while continuing her photographic researches and her exhibitions,
lives in Mexico then in Spain.

Introduced by the black and white, she discovers color slide, and practice it during more than 10 years,
Handywoman Artist she likes venturing on techniques as the pinhole, the cyanotype and the bichromate gum.


2012:                                                                                                                                             – << Usual Beauty >> Atelier Gaston de Luppé, Arles, France                                         – << Starseed >> Fine Art Museum of Pavlodar, Kasakhstan

– << Ground > > Museum of Cheboksary, Cheboksary, Russia
– Honor Guest of the 3rd photographic week of Port de Bouc, France
– << Territories > > Gallery of the painting, Marseille, France
– << Matchbox > > Images festival in margins, Margueritte, France
– << Lights on the light > > House of the clubs and societies, Arles, France
– << Silence > > Gallery Dark Fountain, Aix-en-Provence, France


– << Dyaporama no.2 – Beyond the Path of Madness > > Li-Po, Shibuya, Japan  

– << Series X, Serial Continuation(Suite) S) and Pinholes > > Gallery de l’Echaugette, St Etienne, France


– << Serie X, Serie Continuation(S) > > in Mills of Villancourt, Pont-de-Claix, France
– << Curiositées > > Berinak windows festival, St Pée sur Nivelles, France
– << Series X> >  Centro Fotografico Alvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, Mexico
– << Winter lounge > > Studios mommen, Brussels, Belgium
– <<Free! Free? > > old Museum of Grenoble, France

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